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Samsung NX58R4311 Freestanding Gas Range (Detailed Review)

Samsung NX58R4311 Freestanding Gas Range is one of the most valued kitchen appliances you can buy today. It has a large capacity and perfect for big families. But, before you’re rushing to buy this gas range, read the detailed review below.

Samsung NX58R4311SG Review
Samsung NX58R4311 Freestanding Gas Range below $1.000 you can buy today.

Some families are on a tight budget and prefer a freestanding gas range over an electric range. Gas stove running costs are between 10 and 30 percent cheaper compared to electric stoves.

Both natural and propane gas are less expensive than the equivalent amount of electricity. That’s why some families prefer to purchase gas ranges.

The Samsung NX58R4311 Freestanding Gas Range is a 5 burners range with a total 53K BTU power burner you can choose among the most valued gas range available this year.

This gas range has a 5.8 cubic feet capacity to cook multiple dishes at once. Imagine making a grand batch of roasted chicken, four casserole dishes, or two racks of cookies at the same time!

With such a large capacity, you won’t be needing much time to prepare enough food for large gatherings.

The Samsung NX58R4311 has everything you are asking for in a gas range but at a much lower price. The color design is beautiful, and it slides in perfectly in your kitchen.

This gas range from Samsung has two color selections—stainless steel and black stainless steel—with fingerprint-resistant, ice blue display color, and convenient knobs placed at the front.

Samsung NX58R4311 Freestanding Gas Range is guaranteed to look great in your kitchen. The body is sleek, shiny and easy to clean once you remove all the stuff on the cooktop.

Apart from its styling, this kitchen appliance also has a high performance for a gas range below $1.000. It offers a self-cleaning feature with a storage drawer, broiler, simmer burner, timer, and child safety lock.

If you’re looking for a total comfort experience in cooking and baking, Samsung NX58R4311 Freestanding Gas Range is your best choice for a gas range under $1.000.

Samsung NX58R4311, You Get More Than What Your Money Worth

Samsung Gas Range

The Samsung NX58R4311 Freestanding Gas Range comes in 2 colors with a gorgeous design and reasonable price. It is reliable, has good features, and the burner components are easy to clean and put back together.

If you’ve never used any gas cooktops before, you may find gas ranges hard to clean and maintain.

Indeed, electric cooktops are much easier to clean. You can use ceramic or glass cleaner to wipe the food spills off. Then, you can scrap the burnt ingredients without getting any scratches, and finish it off.

On the other side, gas burners require more effort to clean and maintain. Food spills, splatter, or grease are harder to clean once they get on the gas burners.

If you’re like me who prefers not to clean the gas burners that often, you may install a stove guard. It’s an extra layer placed below the grates to protect your gas range from messes.

However, the hard cleaning and maintenance of a gas range is not the case with Samsung NX58R4311. The gas burner components on this range are easy to clean and relatively easy to put back together.

Even if you’ve never used any gas range before, you will find it easy to disassemble the cooktop, clean it, and put it back.

Once you do that, you will know that this gas range is built like a tank. You can feel how sturdy the materials are in your hands.

The Samsung NX58R4311 is solidly built, has great features, user-friendly, easy to clean, and above all, this gas range costs less than $1.000.

Purchasing this gas range can make you feel that you truly got more than what your money worth.

Isn’t that what we’re all looking for in any kitchen appliances?

Great Griddle and Burners, The Best Stove You’ll Ever Have

Samsung NX58R4311SG Cooktops

The range is beautifully designed, I cannot emphasize that enough. But you may like the fifth burner and the included cast iron griddle pan in the center.

I am talking about sautéing onions, pepper, and mushrooms with ease!

The griddle that comes with the range removes the hurdle of preparing pancakes, grilled sandwiches, or even eggs!

With 5 different size burners, you can do some cooking jobs faster and easier. The oven preheats quickly and bakes evenly.

You see, the problem with a gas-fueled oven is they normally bake unevenly. That’s why professional chefs and serious cooks prefer to have gas burners and a separate electric oven.

This way, they can cook quickly on gas burners and bake meals evenly on electric ovens.

But, you’re in for a surprise. With this Samsung gas range, you can bake meals, cookies, chicken, and casserole perfectly. Baking with this gas oven will give you a thorough and even bake!

The gas-fueled oven in Samsung NX58R4311 works just as well as an electric oven. Besides, it has a 5.8 cubic feet oven capacity which is large. With such a large oven capacity, you can easily handle large meals and dishes.

Baking cakes or roasting chickens with this oven will guarantee you a perfect and thoroughly cooked meal. It’s almost impossible to overbake everything. Once you purchase this range, baking is actually fun again!

What’s more?

Let’s see…

The Samsung NX58R4311 oven cooks at the exact right temperature and has an auto-off function to ensure that you don’t waste energy.

If you love multitasking while cooking, this gas range is your new best friend.

Imagine this.

You can cook eggs or pancakes on the griddles, and cook gravy on the small burner. If your kids want chicken nuggets, then take them out of the package and shove the nuggets in the oven.

Cooking different meals for every family member will not feel like such a hard task anymore because the Samsung NX58R4311 has got your back!

One of Samsung’s Most Valued Smart Freestanding Gas Range

Samsung NX58R4311SG Control Panel

Whether you’re remodeling your kitchen, you cannot go wrong with this appliance. Samsung NX58R4311 Freestanding Gas Range costs less than $1.000.

You can also choose to pay it monthly with no interest charge if you paid it off within 12 months.

This range has it all. From memory function, clock, timer, delay cooking features, to storage drawer. The gas heats up a lot faster and is easy to adjust to your pans and pots size.

For such an affordable price, this kitchen range is one of the most valued smart freestanding gas ranges because this Samsung NX58R4311 really has it all.

The controls are easy to navigate. Simple, but functional. The grates are heavy-duty, even burning flames, and you can put them in the dishwasher for easier cleaning.

The burners are well protected to avoid spilled food clogging your burners. It also has a self-clean cycle you can run to clean the oven.

If you could have chosen any gas range you want because you don’t have limited space or height, you can choose this Samsung gas range.

It has great flexibility with different BTUs power burners and sizes. You can simmer, grill, or even boil pasta in a large pan. Thanks to its 5 burners, you have plenty of room for stovetop cooking.

The temperature will also be shown rising, and you may find it helpful when you need to set a certain temperature.

If you have a large family, this gas range is your lifesaver.

But, just to be safe, you may want to purchase the 5-year Samsung Protection Plus Warranty.

In some cases, your appliance may come with faults. To avoid headaches and frustration, this warranty may help a lot.

The warranty is affordable for a total of 6 years of protection including the Manufacturer’s warranty. If you need any support with this product, see Samsung’s support page here.

Important notes: The BTUs output of its cooktop burners is less if you use propane compared to natural gas. 

With this consideration in mind, you may purchase the model with a round, general use center burner and not the one with the oblong burner. 

If you use propane, the output may not be as hot as you want it to be because the fuel makes the center burner a bit of a disappointment. 

So, make sure that you choose the right model according to your fuel type.

Samsung NX58R4311 Freestanding Gas Range

The Samsung NX58R4311 costs around $900 so most families will be able to afford it. With this purchase, you get an adapter kit and a griddle pan.

This Samsung gas range has a 1-year parts and labor warranty. If you need extra protection, the 5-year warranty is also affordable.

If you have a gas line in and a larger space in your kitchen, but cannot afford to spend $1.500 for Samsung’s premium line, the Samsung NX58R4311 Freestanding Gas Range may be exactly what you’re searching for.


The pros: 

  • Great value for your money.
  • Modern, nice, sleek, and clean design.
  • Very easy to install.
  • The oven has a proofing mode.
  • Large capacity. Definitely a plus if you have larger families.
  • Easy to clean the cooktop and the surface.
  • Power burners speed up cooking, and simmering burners are pure delight.
  • If you have an old gas or electric range, you cannot go wrong upgrading your appliance with this Samsung NX58R4311.
  • It includes an adapter kit and a griddle pan.
  • Even though it does not have two ovens, it cooks at the right temperature. You don’t have to worry about getting anything between the oven door.
  • The user manual is included, but here’s a link to Samsung NX58R4311 Freestanding Gas Range Manual.

The cons:

  • Flimsy drawer.
  • Back burners do not put off as much BTU as you might think.
  • The pushbuttons are a little difficult to manipulate because you have to push them firmly to activate the feature you want.
  • If you have trouble adjusting the low simmer flame on a couple of the burners, see this video.
  • Could have been better if Samsung offered a grill plate instead of a griddle plate for this range.
  • To save yourself from trouble, you need to get an additional 5-year warranty. Other reviewers have stated that they receive faulty products, and they broke down in less than 2 years.

Download Manual Download Warranty

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