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Samsung NX60T8511 Smart Slide-In Gas Range (Detailed Review)

If you’re a little flexible on budget, you may want to take a look at the Samsung NX60T8511 Smart Slide-In Gas Range with Air Fryer. Here’s a Samsung NX60T8511  detailed review to help you decide.

Samsung NX60T8511SS Detailed Review
Samsung NX60T8511 is a high-end gas range with a modern and luxurious design.

Samsung is a well-known maker of home appliances, including ranges. They are a great option when you’re looking for a kitchen range that embraces technology.

Samsung is a tech company from South Korea, but their appliances are manufactured in various countries. Some of their spare parts are manufactured in South East Asia or Eastern Europe.

However, some of their parts are still made in China. So, if you’re looking for something that’s not entirely made in China, Samsung can be one of your options.

The Samsung Smart Slide-In Gas Range NX60T8511 has some unique features that make it stand out from other gas ranges in its class.

The gas range comes in three color choices; Tuscan, Black, and Stainless Steel.

They include fingerprint-resistant on this range to maintain its elegant and shiny look even though you use it on heavy-duty cooking intensity.

It also comes with air fry features, a convection oven, and Wi-Fi connectivity to ensure you have easy access to update your gas range. With a price of $1,709, this range has gained many positive reviews from its customers.

Samsung NX60T8511 is a Luxurious Slide-In Gas Range

Samsung NX60T8511SS

If you’re remodeling or upgrading your appliances, the Samsung NX60T8511 Slide-In Gas Range is guaranteed to look luxurious in your kitchen.

Apart from its sturdy build and fingerprint resistance, Samsung NX60T8511 also has a child lock system and Wi-Fi.

This range has a modern look with great features such as edge-to-edge grates and convection bake, air fry, and a self-cleaning feature. Besides, you can connect it to the SmartThings App.

If you’re looking for a great cooking experience with a gas burner cooktop and oven that looks great in your kitchen, you will love this Samsung NX60T8511.

The convection oven can handle several meals at the same time with a 6.0 cubic feet capacity. You can easily fit casserole dishes or roasting pans.

If you were wishing to have such a powerful convection gas oven, now is the moment your dream comes true. The time when gas ovens are baking unevenly has passed.

Indeed, professional gourmet chefs and cooks may say that they prefer electric ovens for perfect baking. But for home use, the gas oven is definitely reliable to cook a casserole or bake a birthday cake evenly without over baking.

Samsung NX60T8511 helps you save time by cooking food faster and evenly. With 5 powerful burners and a convection gas oven, you cannot go wrong with this purchase. Even more, if you like baking and roasting as I do.

This kitchen appliance has 5 gas burners that heat up quickly when you need to sear meat or boil water. You can also effortlessly simmer to make your favorite sauce. The griddle allows you to make pancakes, sautéing mushrooms and beans, or even frying eggs.

Talking about making breakfast faster and easier!

The storage drawer is roomy and large enough to fit your bakeware, two cookie sheets, two round pans, a loaf pan, a square pan, and there is still extra room for more.

And to top it off, Samsung NX60T8511 is equipped with the self-cleaning system deep cleans. This feature deep cleans your oven by heating it to a high temperature to burn off grease and food residue.

Samsung NX60T8511 Smart Slide-In Gas Range is ready to fit your counter cutout, or you will get $100 as compensation from Samsung to cover any countertop modification costs.

Tips: Gas burners are harder to keep clean compared to electric burners. To prevent food spills, grease, and burned ingredients, you can use a stovetop guard. It’s an extra cutout layer placed between your grates and burners for easy cleaning.

Now, This is a Reliable Stove!

Samsung NX60T8511SS Side View

People use stoves on a daily basis. If you have more than 3 family members like me, you will need more time to cook more meals. Normally, I spend 2 to 3 hours a day from food preparation to cooking for the whole day.

Only when sometimes my children want extra then I cook some more.

Cooking with Samsung NX60T8511 will be much faster. Frozen pizza will be done in less than 15 minutes. Preheating the oven to 450 degrees took no time.

The air fryer feature is easy to love if you are a fan of crunchy foods. You can hold large quantities of fried chicken, french fries, or nuggets. Talk about efficient cooking time!

The dough proofing mode helps you make bread effortlessly. You will love baking with this new range, and you will see improvement in your cooking speed.

The burner output is substantially higher with more versatile burner options. Compared to other gas ranges, this product is much easier to clean. Remove the edge-to-edge grates, and you’re good to go.

If you want to have a total makeover in your kitchen, Samsung NX60T8511 Smart Slide-In Gas Range is your best option.

It’s Time to Cook  Meal Effortlessly

Samsung NX60T8511SS Oven Capacity

Whether you’re hosting a large gathering, preparing family dinner, serving crunchy baked snacks for football games, Samsung NX60T8511 has got you covered.

The different sized burners offer flexibility for different needs and cookware. With the power burners, you can boil pasta quickly. Do you need to make sauce? Use the simmer burner without needing to worry about the heat being too high.

Throw some chicken wings and drums into the oven and use the air fryer option. They will come out crisp, tasty, and looking good. Even if you use minimum seasoning, the finger foods will come delicious and mouth-watering.

If you are a busy parent, dinner time can be chaotic. Being able to rely on your range to cook food quickly and effortlessly but still taste great is necessary.

No one wants undercooked pizzas and burned chicken wings.

If you are looking for a gas range that can magically cook perfect pizzas and french fries to a crispy delicious golden perfection, this is it.

Your kids may think you ordered food out as the meals come out tastier and perfect. No more burnt food or undercook meals!

Using this range will get you a lot of compliments from your kids, friends, and relatives about the meals you’ve been cooking.

This Samsung Smart Slide-In Gas Range is Exactly What Your Family Needs

Samsung NX60T8511SS Cooktops

Cooking various meals every day for each family member is tough. I am not kidding.

Your husband may want to have curry rice while your kid may want to have pasta with nuggets. Usually, you end up cooking what they want to eat instead of cooking what you want to eat.

If that’s the case, this range is exactly what your family needed. 

The power-speed burners are guaranteed to speed up your cooking process by boiling water and searing meat significantly faster.

The big burners get your food hot in no time without potentially causing a fire.

Once you need simmering, you can now just slide to the simmering burners with perfect heat without having to wait longer than necessary.

From poultry to vegetables, you can use the air fryer mode or convection style baking. Either way, you will get delicious meals and crispy fries with a lot less hassle and grease.

Crispy, but not burnt. One less battle and stress to deal with at dinner time. That’s exactly what you want!

Healthier, faster, tastier!

Samsung NX60T8511 Smart Slide-In Gas Range

The SmartThings App is mostly a novelty since you can’t have too much control over the range since it’s a gas range. But through the app, you can see the status of the oven, burners, and any timer you set.

Samsung NX60T8511 is a beautiful kitchen appliance. The stainless steel and the touch screen controls in contrast with the matte black grates on the cooktop look cool that improve your kitchen look without the need to cover the grates with a noodle board.

The Samsung NX60T8511 may be a bit pricier than other gas ranges at around $1,700. But, its exceptional features and various cooking modes definitely make it worth the cost. Plus, Samsung is a reliable manufacturer of household appliances, including gas ranges.


The pros: 

  • This Samsung NX60T8511 Slide-In Gas Range does not have that bulky headboard with control all on it. Thus, allowing you to have more space on the cooktop to fit two large metal woks.
  • You can monitor your cooktop and adjust the cooking time and temperature of your oven with the SmartThings App.
  • You can control your oven temperature with voice via virtual assistants such as Bixby, Alexa, or Google.
  • It is sleek, versatile, and has a place for any type of meal you want to prepare.
  • The speed burner is great for boiling water in no time.
  • The convection bake with air fryer features will save you from using the counter space for another appliance.
  • You can clean the cooktop and oven with a simple wipe down.
  • Adapter kit included.

The cons:

  • The app is not quite useful since you can’t do things like turn the gas range on, because it’s a gas. But you can turn your oven off from the app.
  • The manual does not come with the range.
  • You may have a hard time getting connected to customer service. Try mentioning them on Twitter or social media to get their attention.
  • The oven temperature does not hold correctly. According to Samsung, they accept a temperature variant of 40 to 50 degrees. This may be the case with a gas oven since you cannot always bake at the precise temperature.
  • The cast-iron grates are difficult to maintain and rusts easily.
  • The non-cooking functions are not easy to remember. You may need to refer to the manual.
  • Black stainless steel color is harder to keep clean. But you can refer to this page to maintain a shiny look. You may want to choose another color.

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