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Samsung NY63T8751 Dual-Fuel Range (Detailed Review) 

When you just can’t decide whether to get a gas or electric range, it is time to have a dual fuel range. Quick-cooking and even baking are now possible. Samsung NY63T8751SS/NY63T8751SG Dual Fuel is the best of both worlds. Find the detailed review here.

Samsung NY63T8751SS NY63T8751SG Detailed Review
Samsung NY63T8751 comes in two models: NY63T8751SS and NY63T8751SG, read the review here.

If you are looking for a quality dual-fuel range, the Samsung NY63T8751 has all the features you need. 

This dual fuel range has fingerprint-resistant stainless steel to maintain an elegant and luxurious look. The dual ring brass power burner will heat rapidly to boil quickly and sear with 23K BTU dual ring brass.

The Samsung NY63T8751 also comes with a simmer burner, which will never go wrong when you make sauces or melt chocolate.

Equipped with 5 burners, the Samsung NY63T8751 comes with cast iron edge-to-edge grates that allow you to just easily glide across the burners.

Either you are purchasing for upgrading your kitchen, replacing old appliances, or giving a gift to your loved ones, the Samsung Slide-In Dual-Fuel Range NY63T8751 will leave you impressed.

The Samsung Dual Fuel NY63T8751SS/NY63T8751SG is All You Need

Samsung NY63T8751SS Convection Oven

If you are a first-time buyer, check out my article about the kitchen range buying guide here. You may learn nearly everything you need to know before purchasing a range.

It also helps you look for what you need in a range and eventually helps you decide which range suits you most.

Now, when it comes to buying a cooking appliance, first you need to decide how big your kitchen is and how it will suit your cooktop.

A household-standardized range will usually have 5 burners and if you purchase the Samsung Dual Fuel NY63T8751, you cannot have it any easier.

This dual-fuel range is a smart kitchen appliance that will make all your cooking routine easier.

Remember when you leave the house and wonder whether you’ve turned the oven or the burners on?

With its Wi-Fi connectivity, you can use the SmartThings App to monitor and check it. Hooking up to the app also gives you the ability to control the oven timer.

The Samsung Dual-Fuel NY63T8751 Slide-In Range also allows voice control when hooked up with virtual assistance.

Imagine asking your stove to pre-heat itself to 350 degrees.

With this Samsung Dual Fuel NY63T8751, you don’t have to imagine anymore.

Connect this range with your Bixby, Alexa, or Google, and you can control how it operates only with your voice.

This range is guaranteed to fit with Samsung’s ready-to-fit policy. If it doesn’t, all you need to do is filling up this form here, and you will receive $100 to compensate for any modification you need on your counter cutout.

Effective Cooking and Time Saving for Busy Household

Samsung NY63T8751SS NY63T8751SG Cooktop Review

When your household is simply not always having time for cooking meals, you will automatically shift into take-outs.

However, getting take-outs every day can pile up to a good sum of money.

Especially if you have kids. With an S, more than one kid.

It is not easy to get all your kids to eat the same food on the dinner table. Chances are, your daughter wants burgers and your son wants chicken nuggets.

Unless you are a diligent parent who is willing to drive to different stores just to get what your kids want, you need a reliable range that is able to multitask.

The Samsung Dual Fuel NY63T8751 comes with Samsung’s Flex Duo™ to allow you to multitask and speed up your cooking.

Cooking 4 different meals for each family member will not take you 3 hours standing in the kitchen. Instead, you can just wrap it up in 1 hour and enjoy your extra free time NOT cooking.

Boil pasta in under 10 minutes with the dual brass power burner, and make the creamy mushroom pasta on the simmer burner.

Split the oven into two separate smaller ovens (yes, it is possible with this range) and toss some nuggets in the top oven.

On the griddle, grill some patties and buns, then add some onions and vegetables. Your burgers are ready in no time.

The Samsung Dual-Fuel NY63T8751 is the best of both worlds. With the powerful gas burners, you can cook faster with precise heating.

With the convection electric oven, your baked vegetables and cookies are now coming out delicious.

An electric oven is better for household use because it is easier to adjust and guarantee even baking, warming, and broiling.

Contrary to a gas oven where you need more experience to adjust the heat and learning how to get even baking with a gas oven.

If you are hosting a big reunion and family gathering, combine both ovens and make a large 6.3 cubic feet convection oven. Bake your favorite lasagna and ratatouille at the same time in its own precise timing.

When you are done using the gas burners, cover them with noodle boards for a gas stove to make extra space for serving.

Now, after hosting many people, you must be tired. But worry not! The Samsung Dual-Fuel NY63T8751 does the hard work for you.

The self-clean system will deep clean your oven by heating it to a high temperature to burn off grease and food residue. No need to get on your all fours and scrub the burned food off of it.

Cooking is now fun, easy, and fast with the Samsung Slide-In Dual Fuel Range NY63T8751.

Step Up Your Cooking Game and Make It Magical

Samsung NY63T8751SS NY63T8751SG Control Panel Review

You are on the way home from work, and you pick up meals to cook for dinner. Before you reach home, you pre-heat your oven from the SmartThings App.

By the time you get home, the oven has preheated and is ready for you to throw dinner in the oven.

This is one of many convenient you may get when purchasing the Samsung Dual-Fuel NY63T8751 Slide-In Range.

The dual oven feature is fantastic when you need to cook two different dishes at different temperatures for various cooking times.

When you are longing for something crunchy, throw in some french fries in the oven and activate the air fry mode.

Making dinner is now THAT easy.

Boost Your Kitchen Design with the Luxurious Samsung NY63T8751SS/NY63T8751SG

Samsung NY63T8751SS NY63T8751SG Review

The Samsung NY63T8751 is a fingerprint-resistant range that comes in 2 colors:

  1. Stainless Steel Model NY63T8751SS
  2. Black Stainless Steel Model NY63T8751SG

Most of the customers have stated that the stainless steel model NY63T8751SS is better if you are not very keen on cleaning but want to keep your range shines all year.

Although both come with finger-resistance features, the black stainless steel model NY63T8751SG needs more diligent cleaning due to its dark-colored body.

Refer to this page to learn how to keep your black stainless steel model NY63T8751SG shine throughout the year.

A stove guard is also recommended if you don’t like the hassle of cleaning the grates.

A stove guard acts as a barrier between the burner and the grates to prevent food spills and grease to get overcooked, crusted, and harder to clean.

With a stove guard, you can simply lift the stove guard and clean it in one go in the sink.

Samsung Slide-In NY63T8751SS/NY63T8751SG Dual-Fuel Range Has a Versatile Oven

The Samsung Slide-In Dual-Fuel Range NY63T8751 is an awesome range. The slide-in is easy, and it looks great in your kitchen.

You can use the oven as a full oven or split it into two separate smaller ovens. The gas cooktop provides powerful, even, and precise heating. The blue illuminated knobs also act as a safety feature to indicate the cooktop is on.

Use the convection electric oven for superior baking, warming, and broiling. Try cooking a variety of recipes, and you will see that all come out perfect.

The 5 gas burners help you make meals in a snap and are easy to use, adjustable to your recipes.

You will be surprised how quickly the oven preheated. That is a feature you want to get when you need to bake and roast for a big family dinner.


The Samsung Slide-In Dual-Fuel Range NY63T8751 with Smart Dial, Air Fry, and Wi-Fi comes in two models: Stainless Steel (NY63T8751SS) and Black Stainless Steel (NY63T8751SG).

The pros:

  • The upper oven is perfect to reheat pizza in convection bake mode quickly.
  • Easily hook up with the Samsung SmartThings App.
  • The burners provide good even heat and start-up quickly.
  • The illuminated knobs remind you if you leave the stovetop on.
  • The top front display is easier to get and does not cover up any of the backsplashes on your wall.
  • Convection mode heats and cooks much faster. Although, if you cook pizza with the mode on, it may get overbaked.
  • Sleek, clean, and gorgeous design to add to your kitchen. It looks sophisticated!
  • The built-in thermometer comes in real handy.
  • The 3 modes: Broil, Convection Bake, and Convection can be set up via the App.

The cons:

  • The bottom oven does not have a separate door.
  • You are unable to do a straight bake mode only with the upper oven.
  • You may take time to get used to the oven dial.
  • The timer takes way too many steps to set, but it does not affect the functionality.
  • Stainless steel gets scratched easily, and the scratches can add up.
  • The top door is pretty close to the tray. Sometimes it is hard to get your food out.
  • You cannot use the “Keep Warm” mode in dual oven mode, and it is fixed at 175 degrees where it should go to 145 degrees.
  • You can only use air fry mode in single oven mode.
  • This range does not have a lip that extends from the sides and back of the cooktop surface and sits atop the surrounding countertop which is typical in a slide-in range.

Download User Manual

Download Warranty NY63T8751SS 

Download Warranty NY63T8751SG

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